Ministry of Education

Offering Degrees and Amount of Degree Holders

Offering Degrees

1B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)5 Year
2B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) EC (Bridge)3 Year
3B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) Correspondence2 Year
4M.Ed (Master of Education)2 Year
5PGDMA (Post Graduate Diploma in Multi-media and Arts)10 Month

Amount of Degree Holders

No.DegreeDegree Holders
1B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)
2B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) Correspondence
3M.Ed (Master of Education)
4M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) Education (build between 2004-2018)
5PGDMA (Post Graduate Diploma in Multi-media and Arts)
6PGDT (Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching) (build between (1999-2008)
7CET (Certificate of Educational Technology) (built between 2004-2006)
8SCET (Special Certificate of Educational Technology)